Granulated Plastics

Granulated plastics


Today we produce more waste plastics than ever before! We now produce 80 million tons worth of waste plastic through out the world. However, in the 1950s we only made 5 million.


This means that in the last 50 years we have increased our waste of plastic by up to 20 times.


Hard plastics such as drums and containers are granulated on our site.


Contamination is removed from the plastic by way of a washing process.


The plastic then goes through a sorting process in which it is separated and organized into types of polymer and different colors.


The plastic is then shredded into pellets that are no more than 1cm in length. These are cut by rotating blades that are of a heavy duty and are contained within granulating machines.


A cyclone that is dust retracting is then used and the plastic is fed through this before it is placed into transportation bags.


These plastic pellets are then reused in different ways and are ideal for the plastic remolding industry.